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Reputable and precise local painters based in Andover, Massachusetts

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Local Reputation

It’s safer and easier to choose professional painters who have worked in your neighborhood. We’re interested in high-quality paints for a high-quality reputation!

Insured and Licensed

Insured Work

Every responsible homeowner or business owner won’t want to risk it. Control all liabilities of your future projects by working with us. We are insured!

Painting Deck

Extensive Experience

The best painters are built with years of experience. We have extended and continuous expertise for over 20 years in the painting industry.

Easy Access to Pro Painters

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Quality Painting Services

Let us explain why your painting project doesn’t have to fail. Our team came to prove that expertise and commitment are still available and not far from you. Local expertise is still responsible for making it all work promptly while elevating your experience with residential and commercial painting projects.

Premium Quality

Residential Painting Projects

Performing interior and exterior painting services, we master residential projects by offering experience-based services. From your first contact until the finished product, we focus on giving you a transparent and oriented service.

Customized solutions and time

We work with custom painting colors and textures, making fitting your home's schedule easy.

High-Quality Materials

Assurance of quality work, using high-quality paint, and considering different room applications.

Friendly Team

Our team is friendly "certified"! Professionals who will treat you, your family, and your pets properly.

Prompt Project Turnaround

Are you looking for minimal to zero work disruption? Then you have another reason to choose FM Painting!

FM Painting Services

We are focused on working with every client, one-to-one! That’s why we’re interested in building a painting company and a brand! We vouch for human touch, communication, and assurance that at the end of each job, our customers will be satisfied!

Service Areas

Based in North Andover, MA, we operate in the North Shore, MA, covering over 50 cities between Essex County and Middlesex County in Massachusetts.

Interior and Exterior Painting Services

We have provided interior and exterior painting since 2003. Whether you need a complete exterior painting or just a few rooms, you can contact us with the assurance we will proudly handle your project.

Interior Painting Services

We are sure you’re not here just because of the looks. We all know that fresh paint on walls and ceilings helps seal off dust and mold accumulating in these areas, reducing the particles that can trigger allergies and respiratory issues. This is particularly beneficial in homes with older plaster walls that tend to shed debris over time.

Exterior Painting Services

No one wants to bet on exterior painting services. Why? The risks are more significant! On the other hand, an expert painting job will ensure the final goal is properly accomplished by keeping your house surroundings safe and adequately painted, providing protection against harsh weather while enhancing the aesthetics.

Professional Commercial Painting Services

Our vast experience in the painting industry has also led us to accomplish excellent results for businesses. We offer contract solutions and more. Call or contact us using our online form for more details about your commercial painting solutions.